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Alf  Da Frè, collection Aren

| Designbest editorial staff


ithout a doubt, any kid’s room needs lots of light and has to be really practical. Just like this one: a few key pieces, perfect for keeping everything within reach, and a bed upholstered in soft fabric. There’s a large chest of drawers with a built-in writing desk, and a variety of different boxes for toys and books stacked in a sort of modernist totem. And then comes the bed with a high headboard, upholstered in sky-blue, the perfect tone for ushering in a god night’s sleep. This is all you need for a blissful night: white and blue.

Three pieces one style


Stacked to form a stylized totem pole; this is a fresh touch as well as the perfect storage solution.

Geometric carpet.

Stylized boats in soothing white and blue, a great note of style.

White and blue.

White stands for stability and cleanliness, and blue stands for calmness and tranquillity. The perfect colour combination for a good night’s sleep.

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