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Effeti, kitchen Wood

| Designbest editorial staff


timber-frame kitchen with a monolithic central island appears from the terrace. The overall style is crisp and distinctly modern, however the warmth of timber soften lines and bring to mind the same homely feel of kitchens from while back. Details gently nod to times gone by, just like the brightly coloured glass chandelier, a fresh perspective on a great classic. There’s a hob with a professional feel, retro-inspired appliances and well-equipped chest of drawers. What’s more, the food preparation area is so versatile it can also be used for co-working. 

The pieces one style

Kitchen island.

This self-contained unit has: sink, hob, worktop and essential cooking utensils. This could also work in a smaller kitchen: everything has a place always within reach.

Antique chandelier.

Be it something you inherited from your grandparents or a recent copy in bright colours; this can carry the whole scheme. Mixing-and-matching old and new shows great taste.


With a monolithic kitchen, there’s always the risk of weighing down the whole scheme. The crystal wall opens the room up (a large window also does the trick) and balances space and volumes out.

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