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Dada, kitchen Hi-Line 6 - design Ferruccio Laviani

| Designbest editorial staff


he real heart of this kitchen is a large central island that includes a food preparation area, hob and sink. Besides, there’s a large counter that replaces a standard breakfast table, perfect for an informal lunch as you’re cooking. Carefully planned and functional, there’s a lot of space for movement: the large base units have space for pots and pans and plates and above the island, there are two shelves so you have all the essentials within your reach. In the background, a large glass box houses a larder and the integrated appliances, for a tiny overall effect. So, conviviality is served in this dynamic space.

Style details

A black counter.

In sharp contrast with the rest of the kitchen, a black counter emphasises the elegance of the breakfast area. 

ph: kitchen Hi-Line 6 by Dada

Suspended shelves.

These lightweight shelves with a crisp aesthetic elegantly outline the kitchen. 

A glass box.

In the background, a large glass box houses the larder and the appliances, the kitchen is more elegant and dramatic as a result. 

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