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Cesar, kitchen Unit

| Designbest editorial staff


he kitchen in our mountain lodge includes island and freestanding cupboards with streamlined fronts in white. The island has hob and food preparation area; this is an extremely functional self-contained unit. And freestanding cupboards with integrated appliances act as a larder. With clean and crisp aesthetics, this kitchen focuses on freedom of movement: a homely and relaxed vibe, which encourages you to spend time with family and friends. Here, the splendid view is also a contributing factor.

Three pieces one style

Undulated vase.

This undulated vase in different shades of amber adds a warm touch to your kitchen, a simple way to bring the outdoors inside.

Copper pots.

This pot is perfect for cooking old family recipes and its detachable handle turns it, in a mere moment, from a casserole dish to a salad bowl.

Bowl with woven detail.

It goes next to the sink or on your table as a centrepiece; this pieces is extremely durable but also elegantly practical.

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