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Dada, kitchen Hi-Line 6

| Designbest editorial staff


freestanding hob turns your kitchen into a welcoming space, fit for entertaining. A central island with food preparation area, breakfast bar and induction hob; this is such a great idea. The perfect design for cooking and eating in company, as well as entertaining your guests in a friendly and informal space. Here, the key ingredients are practicality, order and style. Family-time is served! 

Three pieces one style

Central island.

Storage for pots and pans, induction hob, food preparation area and breakfast bar; all you could possibly need, perfect if space is at a premium.

Glass larder.

Floor-to-ceiling storage and glass fronts; this larder gets top marks for practicality (but you have to be neat as everything will be visible).

Kitchen hood with storage.

More storage? Don’t worry, pots, pans and plates go next to the kitchen hood.

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