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TM Italia, kitchen Miuccia 

| Designbest editorial staff


arble veining and streaks in relief, the dazzling brilliance of white and the soothing harmony of blue. With an elegant touch, our new kitchen evokes the maritime-style, focusing on a crisp and clean line as well as a juxtaposition of solids and voids. The food preparation area takes centre stage, integrated in a recess and surrounded by wall-to-wall, textured cabinets in deep-blue. Extremely functional, this kitchen is designed with great attention to detail. The overall aesthetic is in fact young and fresh, although dynamic and refined too. This is a kitchen that stands out for its simplicity.

Style details 

3D texture.

A relief pattern composed by vertical and horizontal stripes confer movement to the entire kitchen: perfect for a young-style that doesn’t turn down order and elegance.

A marble recess.

It recalls the backdrop that frames the entire kitchen. This is a refined way to create a statement wall.

Tables and chairs in dazzling white.

A dining area in dazzling white doesn’t detract from the kitchen, the main feature of the space. 

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