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Home Cucine, collection Genesi

| Designbest editorial staff


pacious and well-planned, the kitchen, the heart of our home, is transformed into a congenial space, in which precision blends with a refined breed of conviviality. Centre stage, a kitchen island with a countertop in marble that equally serves as a food preparation area and a breakfast bar, although there’s additional space for socializing too. On the contrary, the appliances and the cupboards run along the length of the wall and acts as companions to the food preparation area, the large wood-effect larder and a well-stocked wine cooler. Here, the overall feel is a perfect combination of elegance and minimalism.

Style details

A large island.

A countertop in marble, hob and overlaid breakfast bar in wood: the monolithic block has the necessary equipment for a convivial kitchen. 

A wall-to-wall larder.

Wood-effect and imperceptible handles: kitchen cabinets have a refined, welcoming aesthetic.

The wine cooler.

Integrated in the wall-to-wall cabinets, it adds a luxury touch to the kitchen. 

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