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Euromobil, kitchen Lain

| Designbest editorial staff


cosmopolitan kitchen needs a central island; this piece dialogues with the adjoining living room and is just as sleek as the rest of the decor. A new breed of kitchen in dove grey and cream, a multifunctional space with revolves around a breakfast bar, a modern concept which brings together food preparation area with dining room. And the crispness of the cabinets are softened by their velvety textured finish. Here, cooking becomes a proper ritual to be enjoyed with family and friends.

Three pieces one style

Glass fronted cabinet.

Put everything on display, but bear in mind: a flea market look could be potentially around the corner. 

Cubic kitchen hood.

This cuboid conceals the bulky kitchen hood, as well as balancing proportions out. 

Induction hob.

An induction hob for metropolitan sleekness: elegant simplicity and almost imperceptible.  

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