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Lago, AIR Kitchen

| Designbest editorial staff


he latest trend in the kitchen is to cook while you’re entertaining your guests and to eat all around the table. But this time around, a table with a circular top replaces a more conventional central island. And what’s more, this crisp table conceals a hi-tech soul: the circular top doubles-up as an induction hob, and the pendant lamp is also an extremely powerful kitchen hood. Here, kitchen, dining room and living room come together, giving to this space the same feel of a metropolitan loft apartment. Dinner is served!

Three pieces one style

Table-induction hob.

An ultra-functional pocket kitchen which opens onto the living room.

Lamp-pendant hood.

This pendant lamp doubles-up as a kitchen hood gives to your kitchen the same feel of an open-plan living room.

See-through base.

This crystal stem gives the impression of a much larger space. 

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