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Lago, kitchen 36e8 Wood XGlass - design Daniele Lago

| Designbest editorial staff


ere, a sleek kitchen runs along the entire length of the wall. Its features in fact, perfectly combine a refined aesthetic and practicality: the peninsula has an integrated hob that serves as a breakfast bar too, an informal, convivial feature that allows you to cook and eat with the rest of your family, in addition a small cabinet in wood-veneer, inspired by the effect of the base, keeps everything within reach and visually breaks up the monotony of the white cabinets. Style is combined with materials and light: from the whiteness of the wall units, to the shiny surfaces that emphasize the wooden veins, to the transparent leg, which seems to make the kitchen float, the effect is spectacular and chic.

Style details

Food preparation/ breakfast bar.

Cooking area, breakfast bar and a touch of surprise, which makes the peninsula unexpected and super contemporary: the transparent leg, which gives a sense of lightness.

A wall unit with wood panelling.

Streamlined, but not monotonous: a small insert with a wood-effect breaks the linearity of the wall units with elegance.

Wood grain.

The warmth of wood emphasized by the glossy surface: a new way to interpret the classic wooden kitchens.

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