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GD Arredamenti, kitchen Legno Vivo 2.6

| Designbest editorial staff


he freestanding island is great as a breakfast bar too, the large L shaped top doubles as a food preparation areas and the larder with two recessed ovens is perfect for storing your cooking ingredients. This is a fresh take on the traditional wooden kitchen: a clean and simple design that focuses on pure function, its familiar feel is perfect for a family-oriented space. Contemporary elegance.

Three pieces one style 

Recessed oven.

Twin half-height ovens recessed in the larder. Practicality is paramount here. 


The sides of the cupboards are fitted with steel rails: so your dishcloths are always within reach, yet carefully hidden from plain sight. 


Woods creates warmth and ads a traditional feel: light shaded wood doesn’t weigh the scheme down and have a more modern feel than a darker finish. 



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