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Modulnova, kitchen Outdoor

| Designbest editorial staff


ummer brings on a longing for the outdoors. And what could be more appropriate than a poolside masonry kitchen? Our super-modern kitchen comes with a fully equipped central island, especially built for Sunday brunches, barbeques with friends and romantic dinners under a starry sky. Wide counter tops visually link food preparation area and breakfast table together; this becomes an informal social space fit for entertaining family and friends. What’s more, crisp aesthetics call to mind carefree summer holidays.

Three pieces one style

Barbecue plates.

This plate set is what you need to serve and enjoy skewers, ribs and grilled meat. A chiquer and more sustainable alternative to disposable plastic plates.

Salt tray.

A bar of Himalayan salt is precisely what you need to cook meat and fish.

Linen table runner.

This one comes in dark-grey and contrasts with the light table top; this is a sophisticated touch. Plus, it goes well with matching placemats.

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