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Valcucine, kitchen Forma Mentis

| Designbest editorial staff


galley kitchen with streamlined units in the “noncolour” par excellence; this creates the illusion of a much larger space and turns an otherwise conventional room in the real heart of the home. Crisp white fronts brighten the room up and become a backdrop to a few carefully selected details. The overall feel is that of a simple and relaxed space: breakfast area with built-in bench; food preparation area with wide counter tops, sink and induction hob; wood panelling on both walls and steel accents. This kitchen flawlessly balances sleek aesthetics and a relaxed informal feel.

Three pieces one style 

Built-in bench.

A built-in bench is a really clever way of making the most of the available space, as well as creating an unconventional breakfast corner, which doesn’t weigh down the rest of the scheme.

Wood panelling.

Total white has the disadvantage of making the room look too clinical. So, wood panelling is perfect for a warm touch.

Recessed handles.

Recessed steel handles match wood panelling tracks, mainly because they have the same streamlined elegance. Minimal and ultra-functional.

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