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Dada, kitchen Prime

| Designbest editorial staff


Glass cabinets, worktop lighting and an oversized breakfast bar: the kitchen is transformed in a professional space that perfectly combines order and conviviality, detailed organization and total freedom. The cabinets and the larder run the entire length of the walls and put on display (thanks to clear fronts and worktop lighting) plates, cutlery and accessories; the corner breakfast bar however, clearly invites you to cook and dine in company. The clean, streamlined style is the perfect reflection of everyday life: dynamic and distinctly modern

Style details

Shelf lighting.

Led lighting and clear fronts: the practical, ultra-chic alternative to standard open shelving.

An oversized larder.

A glass cabinet that runs the entire length of the wall. Who says that a larder has to hide everything?

A corner unit in stone.

Stone is on trend and extremely glamorous when combined to wood.

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