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| Designbest editorial staff


tone tops, sky-blue fronts and a slatted timber floor, which extends towards the beach. This holiday kitchen is inspired by nature and has steel detailing for a touch edge. It looks like its throwing itself outside, towards the sea. And it almost looks like it’s going to take a plunge, or maybe, the most implicit message is directed to us: a kitchen with goes from being the heart of the home to a secluded hideaway, yet with an open and relaxed friendliness. A kitchen, where sea breeze blends with the flavours of the heartiest recipes... 

Our must-haves

Stone counter-tops.

Rustic flavour and solid appearance: this ideal for your holiday home, where the landscape is made of rocks, sand and wild vegetation. This match is spot on.

A space-saving twin-sink.

This piece is small, however designed with two tubs, fitted next to a large food preparation area, ideal for preparing fish or cleaning fruit.

Our style notes

Sky-blue fronts.

These fronts are inspired by the different shades of the sky and the sea. This references the maritime landscape, making us think of holidays.

Steel handles.

Neutral tones, pastel shades and neutral materials…You just need to add a bold hi-tech detail to break up this homogeneity: just like the handles and other steel accents. This aesthetic is an instant reference to modern elegance.

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