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Fantin, Frame kitchen - design Salvatore Indriolo

| Designbest editorial staff


he kitchen goes for the boldness of metal blue to give some oomph to the home and get inserted into a living room with youthful elegance. Linear and compact, the practical wall composition has a perforated boiserie for hanging up ladles and an illuminated shelf which is perfect for organizing jars and containers. Meanwhile, with drawers and appliances below, the steel countertop includes an induction hob and a sink with an extractable head. For a fresh and bold metropolitan mood, everything is tidy, nearby and concealed by a compositional austerity which gets enhanced by block coloring.


Style details

The blue avio.

A bold color which stands out is all you need to turn the kitchen wall into a compact composition you can place in the middle of the living room.

The perforated boiserie.

This boiserie back panel with holes and a shelf is a simple yet functional and stylish idea. Made to be practical, it decorates the spaces and allows you to create your own kitchen moodboard.

The study corner.

Slightly off to the side yet connected to the kitchen, this total white space has the same rigorous and linear look, as the interplay of contrasts creates a harmonious and pleasant style.

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