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Ernestomeda, kitchen One

| Designbest editorial staff


harp lines, drawn with a ruler, for a refined and extremely simple kitchen which has a cosmopolitan feel. And it's this functional simplicity the thing we appreciate the most. A large freestanding island, a hob, a food preparation area, which extends towards the dining room and a large table, designed for maximum comfort; these are the main features for spending quality time with friends and family on the terrace. In this space, technical detailing is concealed, however every single thing you need is always at your fingertips. Shelves and hidden storage which houses pantry, dishes and even cooking utensils. A room like this, built with floor-to-ceiling glazing, lets in natural light and this adds to the chilled mood of this space. With what result? A chic and relaxing ambience.


Our must-haves

An extra-large kitchen island.

 Ideal for those of you love to cook, but also perfect if you want to use your kitchen as an entertaining space. And this is how it has to be: minimal aesthetic, generously sized, elegant design and with a few careful details inspired by living rooms.

Twin hoods.

In a kitchen as large as this, you definitely need both a powerful and functional suction system to neutralize gases and cooking odours. Be inspired by these inset twin hoods, hi-tech and with a silent mechanism and with a structure hinted only by a few lines.

Our style notes


This counter-table hooks on the island top, however functional and spacious like a conventional table. In this way, you can avoid the same look of a bar counter and you can sit around the table on traditional chairs or armchairs, instead of having to go for bar stools.

Resin, steel and timber.

Use these materials together for a modern yet functional style, this choice is clearly versatile. This selection of materials adds an urban yet sophisticated touch to your kitchen; it also warms up the ambience and gives to your home a sense of continuity between in and out.

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