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| Designbest editorial staff


lossy fronts for the contemporary open-plan kitchen, which opens up onto a garden. Extra-wide and slightly futuristic counter tops: these are the main features, which transform a conventional kitchen into a space fit for experiments. The ingredients for our nouvelle cuisine are the following: a clean-cut workspace with a built-in double oven, mounted at the chosen height and a large functional breakfast bar. This open-plan kitchen, where clean and simple lines reign, is the perfect space for entertaining and trying out your culinary talent. 

Our must-haves

Breakfast bar. It’s large, with a clean aesthetic. It has to be functional while letting the other pieces stand out, like the model we chose.
Inset ovens. Double stacked wall ovens (microwave and classic) mounted at arm and eye height. They have to be functional and hi-tech, the right solution for easy cooking.


Our style notes

Round edges. Clean and round lines provide a cozy atmosphere. And it also resonates far from impersonal, cold total white kitchens.
Iconic sofa. Sleek design and glossy materials are the right choice for kitchens opening onto the living room but don’t forget to include a retro-buy. For instance, a vintage sofa with a retro feel.
Stools. They are essential with breakfast bars. Avoid the cold feel of steel and metal models. Choose clear plastic colourful models: they liven up the space without compromising on style.
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