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Stosa, kitchen Color Trend - design Rossi & Co.

| Designbest editorial staff


inear, geometric and almost austere: a modern kitchen presents itself authoritatively by going all in on formal rigor. But it doesn’t dismiss or forget the pleasure of conviviality, which gets exemplified by the central extra-large island for cooking and having lunch together. Behind, instead, the cupboards perfectly organize the wall, leaving just enough space for the open shelves. Wine glasses, carafes and dishes are exposed and at arm’s length, ready to be used for a drink in good company.

Style details

The extra-large island.

Generously sized for cooking together and a bar for sharing lunch and dinner. In this way, the kitchen becomes an all-round convivial space.

The open shelves.

A dark recess hosts open shelves where one can keep everyday tableware at arm’s length in order to be tidy and practical.

The sculptural pendant lamps.

Two large pendant lamps with an unusual form which are sure to attract looks and give the kitchen a touch of style and glamour.

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