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Aran, kitchen Magistra

| Designbest editorial staff

his kitchen has a retro aesthetic, inspired by the feel of a disused warehouse, however with a more sophisticated vibe. It combines titanium with the colour sand, however it’s accents in fire-truck red, which give to this space a modern twist. Between simple pieces and flea-market finds, our new kitchen becomes a room with a clear metropolitan flavour: spicy and refined, just like a gourmet dish. 


Our must-haves

An extra-large island.

This versatile piece is both a food preparation surface and a breakfast bar, it replaces a conventional kitchen table. This piece is also best for having over family and friends.

A larder with several storage.

This larder is fitted with several storage compartments and open shelves, exactly what you need to keep everything in order like accessories, cans and dry goods.


Our style notes

A tubular hood.

It’s inspired by a large water pipe, however with a current aesthetic. It adds an elegant industrial vibe. 



Accents in the colour red.

You only need a lamp, a stool or even a small appliance resting on the counter, as long as they are lacquered or enamelled in red: this immediately “turns us” on. 

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