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Febal Ice Industrial

| Designbest editorial staff


ontemporary design and craftsmanship are the key elements for a kitchen with an industrial feel. In fact, the atmosphere references old factories where wood, steel and glass set the tone of the space. The furnishings share the same industrial vibe and takes center stage with a bit of irony: the table is inspired by an iron sawhorse, the cupboard resembles a filing cabinet, the lamps are those of the assembly line. The result? A stylish kitchen with a lived-in look.



Our must-haves

Sawhorse table.

Its top comes in handy for having breakfast and lunch. Choose a metal sawhorse for an immediate industrial feel. 


Parlty dresser and partly filing cabinet, it references  old office furniture. It’s functional and simply perfect in the kitchen. 

Our style notes


With its retro feel, it warms up the space and instantly raises a smile. What’s more, it will be a useful addiction to your space (for the grocery list, numbers, notes for the family…).

Industrial lamp.

This models clearly references the old workshop lamp. Be it new or a vintage find, it doesn’t matter: the vintage effect is sure.

Glass doors.

Thick and with a small mesh these doors are inspired by artisans’ ateliers. Opt for lacquered models if you want to warm up the space.

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