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Stosa, kitchen Color Trend - design Rossi & Co. 

| Designbest editorial staff


simple kitchen with cupboards in warm, velvety nuances and a dining area with black accents. This sharp contrast creates a contemporary feel: a formal, clean aesthetic that gives a sense of order to the entire space. There’s room however, for a few artistic licenses such as a tiny pantry, the perfect display for your glasses, jars and a tiny hanging vegetable garden too. As a result, your kitchen is transformed into a more welcoming, familiar space.

Style details

Nuanced shelves.

Velvety, earth tones: a subtle note of colour is perfect for a young, dynamic style. 

Glass holder.

Hanging upside down, your glasses are tidy and within reach. And it’s decorative piece too.

A console table.

This wall-mounted console table is integrated in a larder. It creates an informal, yet well-planned, breakfast area. 

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