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Dada, kitchen Vela

| Designbest editorial staff


freestanding open shelving unit takes over the centre of the room and divides the kitchen in separate areas. Wall-to-wall cupboards have integrated hob, sink and food preparation area, whereas a central island with breakfast counter replaces a conventional dining room. Here, the overall style is clean, light and refined; this contemporary feel is and is line with the current trend for kitchens: minimalist aesthetics that hide a functional soul.

Three pieces one style

Island with breakfast counter.

Separate from the food preparation area; this replaces a conventional dining table, where you can sit even if just for a drink.

Open shelving.

This lightweight structure is a really sophisticated idea: it separates the kitchen from the rest of the room, without weighting the rest of the scheme down.

Integrated hob.

The hob is integrated in the cabinet. This is how you can turn your kitchen in a truly versatile space, fit for entertaining.

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