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GD Arredamenti, kitchen Velvet Profile I - design GD Design Department

| Designbest editorial staff


treamlined, clean and crisp, our new kitchen runs the entire length of the wall and with its wall-to-ceiling larder, it makes the most of the available space as in addition it acts as a partition between dining area and living room. Here, a combination of open shelving and closed storage is an extremely practical solution to keep all your equipment in order and within reach: on one side, there’s a food preparation area with an oversized countertop and a maxi kitchen hood and on the other, there’s a double oven column and several compartments for all your utensils. The overall scheme focuses on a clean aesthetic, a free-flowing layout, natural light and the warmth of wood (in a light shade as not to weigh down the décor). As a result, this is an extremely functional, convivial space with a simple, sophisticated aesthetic.

Style details

A maxi kitchen hood.

This is the perfect hood for an streamlined, open-plan kitchen: square, extra-long and extremely modern.

A larder.

In the centre of the kitchen, there’s a larder designed similarly to a bookcase with exposed shelves, besides it acts as a partition wall between kitchen and living room.

ph: kitchen Velvet Profile I by GD Arredamenti


This light-cherry finish is subtle and bright. It’s perfect to create additional warmth and doesn’t weight down the rest of the scheme.

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