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Lago, 36e8 Wildwood Kitchen

| Designbest editorial staff


ur new minimal kitchen is clean and crisp with cabinets in both lacquer and timber. This open-plan kitchen has areas set aside for different uses: there’s one for food preparation, another for eating and a further space for informal hospitality. What’s more, shelves which appear to be floating in mid add a fresh and slightly futuristic vibe to the whole scheme. The overall feel is young and informal, plus glossy cabinets and worktops turn this kitchen into a truly versatile space. In fact, this room is perfect for starting your day with a quick bite to eat, but also staying up late after dinner. The ideal space for enjoying all the little pleasures of life.

Three pieces one style

Transparent legs.

The more a table (or breakfast bar) is bulky and more this detail is effective, mainly because it lightens up the whole room, adding a fresh young vibe.


It goes without saying, timber instantly makes a room feel more welcoming and intimate. Alternate glossy and shiny surfaces for a modern twist.


Lacquered cabinets.

Olive green, but also straw-yellow, violet and tangerine. Go for bold colours (but don’t go over the top): a gloss finish is easier to live with and exudes character.

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