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ARAN Cucine, Phantastic kitchen

| Designbest editorial staff


he latest contemporary and elegant proposal is this compact and well-organized kitchen which gets put away in the closet. This kitchen “block” gets illuminated as needed, but disappears behind two concealable doors when guests arrive. In this way, the dining room becomes one with the living room. The open bookshelf which covers the side of the kitchen closet unites the spaces and turns them into one big living room, creating a refined and tidy atmosphere which experiments with the fluid style of contemporary living.


Style details

The concealable kitchen.

The two simple and practical doors, which disappear off to the side, close the kitchen when it is not needed and provide an instant tidy feel.

The backlit panel.

Just open the kitchen doors to have everything in clear sight thanks to the practical panel which lights up.

The open bookshelf.

The simple open shelves visually connect the dining room to the living room and elegantly hide the kitchen area.

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