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GD Arredamenti, Fiamma Kitchen - design GD Design Department

| Designbest editorial staff


square and monolithic island in the center of the kitchen acts a cooking area and a dining room, interpreting the art of cooking with a touch of practical elegance. The latest in convivial style focuses on the cook and diners who will be able to share every moment and recipe in an informal and contemporary atmosphere. Pots, dishes, glasses and everyday utensils are within reach in the small cupboard at its base and on the large hanging shelf where there is even small space for some plants. Meanwhile, preparation and the mise en place will become all one pleasure on the marble-look counter. On the other hand, glass displays and furniture get alternated along the wall in order to best organize the space, which remains in perfect harmony with the style of the living room.


Style details

The glass cupboards

A smaller one under the island block and another bigger one along the wall. The two cupboards play with glass panels and transform order and practicality into elements of décor.

ph: Fiamma kitchen by Gd Arredamenti

The counter and side panels.

The marble-look top goes down the sides of the island and frames it with chic metropolitan elegance.

The hanging shelf.

Prominent yet light, it is perfect for keeping pots and even a hanging garden in order without overloading the kitchen.

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