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| Designbest editorial staff


any people dream of a large kitchen where they can try out lots of recipes and welcome plenty of guests. And the kitchen island with a dining area is contemporary style’s concrete response to this desire. Sizeable yet rigorous, the kitchen island goes for monolithic volumes and maximum freedom so we can set up the space with the most convivial style. In the center of the room the cooking area with a large hood and a wide counter, which acts as a dining table, focus all of the attention and action in one area. In the background there is a wall composition that includes three ovens to satisfy our cooking aspirations and a spacious yet chic display case which makes the room more enveloping with its warm light. All of this adds up to prêt-à-porter take on the culinary arts.


Style details

The large hood.

Sculptural and sizable, the hood is no longer an appliance to hide away, but a genuine piece of décor that defines the kitchen’s look.

The island and dining area.

Cooking, preparation and dining meet at this kitchen island which provides a new kind of intimacy for the entire family.

The illuminated display case.

The cabinet also stands out with glass panels and interior lighting which adds warmth to the entire space.

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