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Dada, kitchen Hi-Line VVD

| Designbest editorial staff


very aspiring professional chef dreams of a large central island, as well as the people who enjoy and cooking in company: a clear invite to spend time with your near and dear ones that turns the food preparation area into a social space. And it’s double the fun with a twin island. Everything is more spacious, organized and tidy: the larder grows in size too and becomes an extremely well-equipped display cabinet, so you can keep everything within reach. This is the right kitchen for an award-winning chef, the only thing left is to savour it.

Three pieces one style 

The larder/cabinet.

This well-equipped cabinet has a glass front, storage and drawers. Perfect for keeping everything within reach.

Twin central island.

Hob on one wide, food preparation area and sink on the other. For this you need a maxi-kitchen, of course.

Induction hob.

It elegantly disappears into the hob.


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