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Coedition, collection Palm Springs - design Anderssen & Voll

| Designbest editorial staff


ith white love seats, a striped rug and geometric low tables, this living room creates a contemporary look with clean and rigid lines that play on a timeless optical pairing. The result is a tidy and welcoming atmosphere that combines more classical formal purity with modern and bold accents in order to create a contemporary mood.  The black accents seem to have been traced out with ink (i.e. the floor lamp, the slim yet stiff sofa legs, the rug’s frayed edges) and define the space and frame this room which goes for creamy tones in order to become bright and enveloping. Lastly, the plants in the corners give the right amount of naturalness to the entire space.

Style details

The white sofas.

With a combination of clean lines and creamy tones, these sofas become timeless.

The geometric low tables.

One round, the other rectangular; one light, the other dark; one high, the other low. This mismatched couple is the perfect pairing for the center of the scene.

The reading lamp.

This black and minimal floor lamp plays with an asymmetric shade in order to discreetly give the living room a modern accent.

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