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Living Divani, chaise longue Divani Lipp

| Designbest editorial staff


chaise-longue instead of the customary sofa, a fabric screen to keep a certain amount of privacy and two streamlined coffee tables. This is what you’ll need in your new living room: pieces in crisp silhouettes in black-and-white. These pieces are so striking that they are all you need to decorate your living room. The modern-minimalist living room has streamlined pieces, the new metropolitan hideaway: cocoon-like yet dynamic, it draws subtle links with industrial style and redefines the standards of modern-day elegance.  

Three pieces one style


In a pure white fabric, the screen allows us a certain degree of intimacy. Perfect for secluded corners.

Exposed brickwork.

A brick wall with peeling paint is in perfect industrial-style. And it’s the perfect backdrop for displaying a chaise-longue in tufted leather.

Satin cushions.

 In this almost start minimalist scheme, a deluxe touch is what we need for a more balanced style.

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