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Knoll, sofa Avio

| Designbest editorial staff


ur new living room has an informal lived-in feel with a classic leather sofa in brown and two iconic armchairs in the same colour. A welcoming space with refined pieces of furniture, elegant details and subtle shades of colour. There’s a cocoon-like armchair, which goes perfectly well with a pale blue carpet, two streamlined coffee tables in steel and marble, placed right in the centre, and which nicely contrast with the pair of rounded tables next to the sofa. A scheme which could very well be the home of a modern-day gentleman, which brings together informal comfort and refined aesthetics.

Three pieces on style

Leather sofa.

A timeless classic. This streamlined silhouette dictates new style rules for contemporary living.

Mismatched armchairs.

Crisp and rigid on one side, soft and welcoming on the other. Green light to armchairs in contrasting styles: they add a sense of freedom without ruining your spatial arrangement.

Pale blue carpet.

A colour linked with rest and peace, blue instantly adds a soothing feel to the space. Light shades are real sophistication.


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