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Lago, livig room set 36e8 Wildwood - design Daniele Lago

| Designbest editorial staff


onolithic, yet lightweight too, wall-mounted furniture decorates the living room with a crisp and simple aesthetic that leaves no room for vanity. Although with its sophisticated colour palette, this contemporary living room doesn’t disdain a pinch of vanity. So, from glossy surfaces to accents in wood and silhouettes that combine solids and voids, wall-mounted storage is a refined, dynamic addition. And for a final touch, a traditional campaign chair in deluxe leather that rests on a soft mat creates the perfect oasis of relax.

Style details

A traditional campaign chair.

Upholstered in leather, this timeless icon is more bewitching and elegant that earlier versions. 

Wall-mounted shelves.

Lightweight, simple and characterful; this represent the current trend in contemporary style, simple yet effective.

ph: livig room set 36e8 by Lago


A cream-coloured carpet.

This ultra-soft square mat is perfect to delineate a cosy seating area. 

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