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Alias, sofa Twelve - design PearsonLloyd (Tom Lloyd + Luke Pearson)

| Designbest editorial staff


n this living room, a crisply designed sofa is coupled with a traditional office armchair, whereas an iconic lamp from the sixties lights up the scene and dialogue with a simple bookcase, on the opposite wall. The neatness of this scheme is interrupted by circular coffee tables that are casually arranged on a white carpet with a light geometric pattern in graphite. This metropolitan living room results from mixing and matching different styles together: elegant, welcoming, glamorous and with a timeless vintage allure that instantly sets the right tone.

Style details

An iconic lamp.

No caption required: the Arco lamp designed by Achille & Piergiacomo is a timeless design icon.

Circular coffee tables.

Two or three, dispersed around the room, they interrupt and otherwise orderly scheme, transforming it into a welcoming and informal space. 

An oversized carpet.

As large as the room itself, it has to be white as it lights up the entire space. Although, an understated geometric pattern is allowed, for added movement. 

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