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| Designbest editorial staff


our home should definitely have a quiet corner where you can have a cup of tea, read a good book and unwind after a long day’s work. We have an easy detox plan, which doesn’t require much effort or space at all, in fact a small study or an idle bedroom corner will do the trick. Our style recipe is very simple, you only need a couple of comfy armchairs and a coffee table, which you can leave next to a bookcase. Plus, decorate your little oasis with a soothing neutral colour scheme and soft textiles, and add a splash of yellow to really make your “throne” pop.

Three pieces one style

Yellow armchair.

In a room painted in neutral shades, a bright pop of colour will add a personal touch. And what should you go for? Go for something bright and fierce, which really reflects your taste.

Coffee table.

This one looks like a tray, there’s enough room for a jug or a cup of tea. Go for a compact design with clean aesthetics, even better if it has a round top so you don’t bump into corners.

Two carpets.

The choice falls between thin mats or woollen carpets. It’s imperative you should mix-and-match different prints together, but remember less is more; this is how you can zone a separate area and highlight individual pieces.

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