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Paola Lenti, armchair Shito

| Designbest editorial staff


chaise longue with a woven frame, inspired by a warm nest; this is perfect for an intimate cosy snug. For some me-time you’ll need armchair and carpet in the shades of the sky and a coffee table in pure-white; this combination is perfect for enjoying a good book. A soothing space decorated in pastel tones, which brings together total wellbeing and relaxed freedom. And a holiday mood fills the air, fresh colours bring us a little closer to the lazy summers yet to come.

Three pieces one style

Woven armchair.

This hand-woven chaise longue has a compact silhouette, perfect for chilling out and clearing your mind.

Round carpet.

A round carpet with a base in pure-white and concentric circles in pale blue, subtle but not commonly seen.

Crisp coffee table.

White, round top and a silky finish; this coffee table has a similar silhouette to the other pieces, so it doesn’t clash with its surroundings and gives a sense of peace.

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