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Zanotta, sofa Flamingo - design Damian Williamson

| Designbest editorial staff


he contemporary living room is decorated with oversized silhouettes with a crisp aesthetic. Circles, square and triangles add a formal touch to the space, perfectly combing order and dynamism. A corner sofa is the perfect convivial piece, while a bookcase with revolving shelves nods to intimacy and a carpet in an optical print creates visual interest, conferring unexpected depth to the entire space. The overall space is suspended in a perpetual state of idleness, although its able to rapidly explode in a lively and noisy conviviality.

Style details

A wall lamp.

A wall-mounted design for an unexpected, contemporary twist.

An armchair.

Replace a standard oversized armchair with one in a slender silhouette for a flirty touch.

An adjustable bookcase.

Two rows of revolving open shelves create a new aesthetic: this piece is perfect for renovating the living room, refreshing the room with one touch. 

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