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Lago, sofa Air - design Daniele Lago

| Designbest editorial staff


he sofa seems to be floating mid air, the furniture is wall mounted and the aerial plants hang from the ceiling. Light and airy, the “floaty” living room décor is focal to your personal relaxation. Contributing factors are the delicate shades of the sand and the sea. A magical mood creates a contemporary style that perfectly combines dreamy vibes with an estehtic precision. As a result, a juxtaposition of volumes and freedom transforms the living room in the perfect post holiday haven. 

Style details

Clear legs.

The sofa and the coffee tables seem to float in mid air: perfect, if you’re looking for a dramatic, timeless detail.

photo: set Air by Lago

White shelves.

Dynamic and fresh, the wall-mounted shelves create a light and airy space.

The spotlight.

Simple yet full of drama: in a space such as this, the lamp has to cast a dramatic shadow.

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