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Euromobil, bookcase Image - design Roberto Gobbo

| Designbest editorial staff


ightweight and oversized, our new bookcase takes centre stage in the living room as well as setting the tone for the rest of the style. Its clean, contemporary style refreshes the space and adds an intimate touch to the conversational area. Two armchairs, a maxi-lamp and a soft carpet: the living room focuses on a few key pieces as the bookcase alone creates a welcoming feel, adding an erudite, relaxed feel to the rest of the space. A few books and several vases for the final touch, in a room that perfectly balances a glamorous aesthetic with a homely feel.

Style details

A double-sided bookcase.

Lightweight, crisp, load-bearing and with open shelving. If you’re looking for a characterful piece that doesn’t weight the scheme down, this one is perfect. 

ph: bookcase Image by Euromobil 

Matching armchairs.

Replace a two-seater sofa with two matching armchairs with a crisp silhouette and a wide seat. They perfectly the bookcase’s contemporary aesthetic. 

ph: armchair Karin by Désirée

A maxi-lamp.

This white lampshade that appears to be floating in mid air, discreetly lights up the scheme without detracting from it’s general elegance.

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