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Fogia, Fragment sofa - Todd Bracher design (ph. courtesy Fogia)

| Designbest editorial staff


ith a green palette decorating the furniture, the cocooning effect of the wooden ceiling, the exposed earth-tone bricks, and large windows opening onto the garden, everything in this living speaks the language of nature. It immediately provides a warm, enveloping and relaxing sensation that instantly puts us in harmony with the surrounding environment. The living room becomes an oasis of peace and relaxation where a few (but decisive) elements create a chic and charming atmosphere—a legacy of the most refined atmospheres. The sofa and carpet bring a balance to the color green, perfect for relaxing conversations, while the armchair stands on its tip toes in its soft whiteness, ready to provide a more intimate and enveloping form of comfort. At nightfall, the lantern on the bench lights up the atmosphere with a familiar intimacy.


Styke details

The metal armchair.

With a slender structure, ample padding and folding armrests, this armchair reinterprets tradition with a simple yet chic allure.

The shades of green.

It’s a relaxing color that instantly puts at peace with ourselves. It gives us a sensation of continuity with the garden, eliminating the boundaries between inside and outside.

The lantern lamp.

The traditional table lamp turns into a paunchy lantern that can be moved as needed in order to create an intimate atmosphere.



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