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GAN, carpet Chaddar - design by Charlotte Lancelot

| Designbest editorial staff


room full of light, overlaid carpets that warm up the floor, a reading nook with a large pouf, an end table, and a soft and refined sofa at the center of scene. Here is a perfect living room to relive that calming vacation atmosphere where relaxation and freedom dictate the demands of style. There is little furniture, but it is well-balanced to give the space an elegant and informal mood that invites one to kick back and get lost in conversation. What is needed? Two minimal end tables to allow oneself a coffee without too many frills, some books casually left next to the sofa, and a fuchsia balloon lamp that gives the room a touch of charm.

Style details

The pouf and end table.

In place of the classic armchair, play with a large pouf next to a minimal end table and you will add a modern touch to the whole living room.

The fuchsia lamp.

A colorful and transparent lampshade in bright fuchsia. All it takes is a drop of bold color to give the living room character.

The overlaid carpets.

With neutral colors and a simple pattern, these two large mat carpets are perfect for overlaying in order to create geometric décor in the room.

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