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Lago, set New 36e8 Wildwood Storage

| Designbest editorial staff


n our living room, wall-mounted storage takes centre stage. A versatile piece in plain timber with accents in lacquer: part storage and part bench, it adds a decorative touch as well as being an occasional seat. A foldable table to one side, its top is tilted just like a tiny screen, and a large armchair with a high back on the other. Plus, two pendant lamps cast a dramatic shadow, just like real spotlights. This setting brings to mind a throne room, yet decorated with minimalist pieces: the overall look is really modern, a sort of timeless aristocratic elegance.

Three pieces one style

High back armchair.

Lightweight frame and an elongated backrest; this piece is rich in character, but doesn’t weigh your room down.

Wall-mounted storage.

A practical piece with a streamlined silhouette, it adds a light touch to the whole scheme.

Sculptural lamp.

Two pendant lamps with crisply designed shades, which cast a dramatic shadow.

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