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Blustyle by Cotto d’Este, Collection Urban 

| Designbest editorial staff


fresh, informal living room decorated with mismatched pieces: two armchairs in different colours, a slatted chair, a couple of coffee tables and a footstool in wicker. Here, mismatched materials and colours create a intimate, welcoming feel besides, the floor in grey porcelain stoneware blends the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Thanks to several paintings scattered on the wall, this room resembles a tiny studio and the veranda too is decorated in a similar aesthetic with lush plants in original-looking vases. In addition, thanks to wall-to-wall glazing, the room is bathed in natural light during daytime and at night, a floor lamp in an iconic silhouette lights up the room similarly to a spotlight. 

Style details

Floor in porcelain stoneware.

Large slabs in grey are suitable outdoors too. This type of floor is the perfect backdrop for unconventional furniture and invents a fresh, new style. 

Mismatched seating.

For a young, fresh style, replace a standard sofa with mismatched armchairs and chairs. 


Paintings as well as mirrors, prints and decorations. Focus on a modern style and favour a bold aesthetic, so as not to weigh the scheme down.

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