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Alias, sofa 'E la nave va' - design Oi Design

| Designbest editorial staff


ur new living room focuses on a neutral colour palette that draws from the soil, sand and wood, additionally creating a soothing space that combines Scandinavian-style with an African-inspired aesthetic. Scandinavian-inspired and with an ergonomic silhouette, the sofa contrasts with the ethnic carpet that evokes faraway lands, the coffee table/ ottoman carved in wood and the paintings in earth tones that adorn the walls. The accessories that are dotted around the room add a distinctively stylish touch, in perfect contemporary taste.

Style details

An ergonomic wooden sofa.

Inspired by wooden boats, the ergonomic structure of this sofa is perfect for an informal setting.

ph: sofa E la nave va by Alias

A large mat.

In keeping with the natural trend, a lightweight mat that evokes magical faraway lands. 

ph: small table Kayak by Alias

Wooden coffee tables.

Simple, handmade and that serve as a footstool too: two coffee tables such as these, create additional warmth.

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