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Antrax, radiator T Tower - design Matteo Thun e Antonio Rodriguez

| Designbest editorial staff


n all-year round living room combines the whiteness of the snow with the colour of the sea, as well as simple informal furniture with swathe fabrics. This is the ideal all-year round living room: bright with a breathtaking view and a comfy seating area that takes centre stage. And during the biting winter cold, three totem pole-like radiators create the necessary warmth: with their extraordinary aesthetic, these sculptural radiators create a contemporary backdrop. There’s a clear order to this scheme and the final touch is given by a few hygge-inspired pieces: a fur-skin rug that caresses your bare feet, a nest-like armchair, which is the perfect piece to sink in and a voile curtain that screens the oversized windows and adds a soft and impalpable filter to the natural light. 

Style details

The freestanding radiators.

Replace a standard wall-mounted radiator with a piece such as this: sculptural, simple and ultra-contemporary, it appears to have been especially designed to steal the scene.

ph: radiator T Tower by Antrax


A fur-skin rug.

A long pile carpet in pure-white is ideal for winter as it instantly exhorts you to take your shoes off and relax.

Tulle curtains.

Light, impalpable and elegant, tulle curtains are ideal for screening the window and enhancing natural light.

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