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FerreroLegno, sliding door Scenario - Visio

| Designbest editorial staff


ur new living room is divided by a sliding panel is smoked glass, perfect for this sophisticated mood. Just like theatre wings, this pleated-effect panel separates dining room from living room, whereas the comfy sofa and the foldable coffee table take centre stage. The overall mood is formal yet welcoming, the style is distinctly metropolitan, yet the warm and velvety shades create a space inspired by the world of high-fashion, in which intimacy becomes a detail.

Three pieces one style

Sliding door.

Pleated-effect glass panel mounted on an exposed track: a chic alternative to the standard glass door.

Foldable coffee table.

When not in use, it becomes an unconventional decorative piece full of character. To display in full view.

Graphite accents.

Grey is an extremely refined colour, besides it can soften the overall look. To avoid going over the top, you should mix the colour grey with other shades in velvety textures.

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