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Iris Ceramica, collection Latte

| Designbest editorial staff


t’s so easy to set aside a snug, be it the living room, study or even the bedroom. This one, has a laid back summery vibe, inspired by nautical life, adding a pinch of irony. This is what we have: lightweight furniture in bleached timber; footstools which double-up as coffee tables in woven rope or wicker, the same material as the ceiling light; Greek frets and zigzag patterns. And for a final touch, display several mismatched scatter cushions on shelves. Even the wall clock in pure-white looks like its lounging around. And what’s more, the variety of different accessories, scattered here and there in an apparent casual fashion, perfectly complement the laid back holiday mood of this scheme. 

Three pieces one style

Zigzag pattern.

Using the colours white and sky-blue together is a tried and tested scheme. But, a zigzag pattern is not such a conventional choice; this gives a fresh new look to your decor.

Wicker footstools.

These footstools double-up as coffee tables, and you can finish off the look by adding several mismatched scatter cushions. This lightweight piece of furniture adds freshness to your room.

Scatter cushions.

The more the merrier and if you don’t want to overpower your decor, display them neatly on shelves, so they will always be within reach.

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