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Refin Ceramiche, collection Overlay 

| Designbest editorial staff


he fireplace creates additional warmth and is the focal point of our open-plan living room in Scandinavian style. The natural colour palette and simple furniture create a relaxed vibe, in line with “lagom” philosophy (where harmony is combined with happiness). With ultra-soft seating, soft blankets and clean and simple coffee tables, the overall feel is so welcoming to be ideal even for a home office. The desk in pure-white is coupled with a powder-pink armchair and even if it’s in one corner of the room, it perfectly complements the overall style of the living room. Well lit and with a panoramic view, the home office too becomes a serene space.

Three pieces one style


This is perfect for storing fire wood and turn your logs into a decoration.

Home office.

Every home needs a space for working. Your home office can be secluded too, even if it opens up onto an open-plan living room.

Neutral colour palette.

Cream, sand, powder-pink, teal...Pastel tones add an instant soothing touch. You can spice things with a bold splash of colour. 


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