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Moretti Compact, collection LV113

| Designbest editorial staff


n our new loft apartment, the main living area has a fresh, young vibe, a veritable multipurpose space that combines relaxation with work. The conversational area takes centre stage, a two-seater sofa, an armchair and low monolithic table, whereas the wall-mounted storage includes a bookcase, two large units and a desk area as well. And what else would we to enjoy the day? An ottoman that converts into an office chair and an occasional seat as well for entertaining friends. Plus, a floor lamp with many different spotlights: for the perfect mood at any time.

Style details

A writing desk.

The shelf with wood panelling is perfect as a desk and becomes a simple and practical study area.

The geometric bookcase.

Squared as well as fluid, it decorates the living room with a dynamic (and young) touch.

Yellow accents.

Bright and cheerful, lemon lights up the entire living room and bang on trend if paired with grey. 

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