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Zalf, composition Z035

| Designbest editorial staff


hite brightens and cheers up a space, orange stands for sass and fun. So, why not use the two together to turn your living room in a restful yet vibrant space? Be inspired by our living room, which mixes crisp wall-mounted storage with comfy seating, broken up by bold splashes of colour. And if you think the general effect is too clean and tidy, we have picked three accessories that jazz up the space, through word, sound and scent.

3 pieces one style

Vitamin magazine rack.

Go for see-through colourful plastic, just like jelly and with this piece, books, magazines and newspapers will always be within reach.

Sound system.

Discrete yet powerful, minimal yet elegant. This sound system is the one: the right soundtrack for our life.

Flower vase.

Change the shape of this vase to suit different flower arrangements. This is not just a pot, but a small indoor garden which releases delicate scents. 

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